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15th July 2014

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NBC Hannibal says they’ve done their research…


"We read all of the research, and the Tweets, and the followers of that show…"

Dear NBC,

If Season 3 doesn’t end with Hannibal’s tongue in Will Graham’s mouth, you have not read all the Tweets. Or visited Tumblr. Ever.

Just sayin’.

You all heard dat.

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15th July 2014

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help me raise £20,000 for Dashcon UK. i swear our ball pit will be better and i’ll get my friend who can draw stuff to do a Q&A session and this guy i know who can sort of play guitar will do some covers of songs featured on Glee




Dashcon UK’s gettin fancy up in here

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15th July 2014

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men took my little pony away from us girls so us teen girls are takin pro wrestling fuck yall just try n stop us


have fun fetishizing the shit out of *real life* celebrities. it actually makes the people who sexualize the shit out of children’s cartoons seem normal.

did you just imply being attracted to actual real human males isn’t normal but wanting to fuck cartoon horses is

I need to reblog this again because it still makes me laugh

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15th July 2014

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NBC is straight-washing Constantine →


I’m not normally one to be a rabble-rouser, particularly on the internet.

But I really think the fandom forces of tumblr should collectively spam NBC about Constantine, and recent disclosure that they are straight-washing his character. (He’s canonically bisexual in the…

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15th July 2014

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if I don’t reblog this assume I’m dead


if I don’t reblog this assume I’m dead

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8th July 2014

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There’s a blindness here that Thicke and those who are supporting him by dubbing this “romantic” do not understand. The romance is, by definition, over. “One-sided romances” shouldn’t have the label at all; they’re not something either worth wanting or celebrating: brutalizing a woman into dating you, through endless messages and writing songs (or entire albums?) and sending flowers or whatever, is not a tactic we should want men or boys acting on. It’s not sweet, it’s not cute: a woman has said no. She is not playing a game. She is not acting “hard to get”. There are no blurred lines here, Mr Thicke, only your blurred understanding of what “no” means when a woman says it. And that’s troubling.

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8th July 2014

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Good Cop/Bad Cop [maximumble]


Good Cop/Bad Cop [maximumble]


11th June 2014

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this is actually how you apologize, guys.

i was ready to be dismissive about this but he honestly….hit all the right notes? like he outright says that his intent doesn’t matter because the damage is done and doesn’t try to salvage his reputation by denying responsibility, and i think that’s really important

A+ apology

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11th June 2014

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Which "Hannibal" Character Are You? →


You’ll never guess who we got…

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11th June 2014

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Curtis Lepore is a rapist.

In September of last year, Curtis Lepore, ex-vocalist for GhostXShip and now “vine famous” shithead, was arrested after he raped his ex-girlfriend. She hit her head while filming a video and felt nauseous, so he went to pick her up and “watch over her” in case she had a concussion, despite her telling him no thank you. She went to bed later that night feeling sick and woke up to him raping her. Curtis’s laywer came to his defense by saying that “she said stop and he stopped”, however California law is very clear: having sex with someone while they are unconscious or sleeping is rape.

In this Rolling Stone article, he states “We had sex every day when she got to L.A. So, we had sex that same week. I would have never done anything that I didn’t think a girl was insinuating, anyway”. Sorry Curtis, prior consent is not consent.

On Feb 21st of this year, Curtis Lepore accepted a deal and plead no contest to felony assault as a means to dismiss the rape charge and avoid jail time. Don’t let the language used here fool you. While he is not a convicted rapist, his ex has said that he admitted to the rape on tape, he is on record excusing his actions because of prior consent, and his own mother was quoted as saying “He was lovingly waking her up. He did not rape her”. I’m just going to say this again… having sex with someone who is not able to give consent is rape

The reason I’m posting this is because not everyone is aware of all of this. I keep seeing gifs from his videos, photos of him in his old band, and vines of him and his dog. It’s extremely upsetting as a victim, as a woman, and as a human being who knows that rape is wrong and I just want to make you all aware. This man is dangerous. Please stop spreading his videos around like nothing happened. It’s just another reminder that once again, rapists will walk away free while their victims are left to pick up pieces.

This man is NOT “dangerous.” If they are a sexually active couple, then I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have needed to have sex with her without consent. This story makes no fucking sense and I’m tired of innocent men being made out to be absolute criminals over some bullshit perspective of “rape.” Fuck you, OP. you’re the reason rape culture exists.

If a man thinks his urge to have sex is more important that the other person’s right to consent, he is dangerous. This applies to strangers, sexually active partners, and married couples. Rape is rape. Get your shitty Christian rape-apologist ass outta here.

Can we talk about how gross “If they are a sexually active couple, then I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have needed to have sex with her without consent.” is. Like super gross.



and gross.

Rape isn’t about sex. Rape is about power. Rape is about someone not caring that their partner is /unconscious/ and having ‘sex’ with them anyway.

Also anyone who puts rape in quotes is a super creep. and claiming that ‘false allegations’ is what causes rape culture?

Could you be any more of a gross human being?

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